IFAE Colloquia & Seminars

in 2016

IFAE Colloquia

  1. "“Eureka” - Technology transfer at Nikhef". Niels van Bakel (Nikhef, Amsterdam), 11 Jan 2016
  2. "The cosmic high-energy frontier: A look to the next decade". Christian Spiering (DESY-Zeuthen), 12 Jan 2016
  3. "What Does the Eye Tell the Brain? A Journey from High Energy Physics to Neural Systems". Alan Litke (University of California Santa Cruz & CERN), 08 Jul 2016
  4. "Looking beyond the energy frontier with precision flavour physics at LHCb". Jonas Rademacker (Bristol U), 14 Oct 2016

IFAE Seminars

  1. "The Sun as laboratory for particle physics". Núria Vinyoles (IEEC ICE, Barcelona), 05 Feb 2016
  2. "The DarkSide Program for Direct Dark Matter Searches at LNGS". Cristian Galbiati (Princeton University USA), 15 Feb 2016
  3. "e-ASTROGAM: a wide-field observatory for the MeV / sub-GeV energy band". Margarita Hernanz (ICE (CSIC-IEEC)), 18 Feb 2016
  4. "A study of the gamma-ray Galactic center excess with the Fermi LAT Pass 8 data and limits on dark matter annihilation". Dmitry Malyshev (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), 26 Feb 2016
  5. "Probing Gravitational Waves from First-Order Phase Transitions at eLISA". Germano Nardini (Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Bern), 29 Feb 2016
  6. "Disambiguating the Cosmological Dark Sector". Iggy Sawicki (Geneva U), 18 Mar 2016
  7. "Some new ideas on dark matter decay". Òscar Catà (LMU Universitaat Munich), 08 Apr 2016
  8. "Electronvolt sterile neutrinos: a critical appraisal". Pedro A. N. Machado (IFT Madrid), 29 Apr 2016
  9. "Low-energy effective action for pions and a dilatonic meson". Maarten Golterman (San Francisco State University), 10 Jun 2016
  10. "Managing astrophysical uncertainties in direct dark matter detection". Francesc Ferrer (Washington U St. Louis), 21 Jun 2016
  11. "Can cosmological magnetic fields explain the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe?". Kohei Kamada (Arizona State University), 08 Jul 2016
  12. "Adler, Bell and Jackiw in a Metal". Karl Landsteiner (IFT Madrid), 30 Sep 2016
  13. "Minimally extended SILH". Oleksii Matsedonskyi (DESY Hamburg), 07 Oct 2016
  14. "Precision and New Physics After LHC run2". Roberto Franceschini (IFAE), 21 Oct 2016
  15. "Relaxing the Cosmological Constant: a Proof of Concept". Lasma Alberte (SISSA, Trieste), 28 Oct 2016
  16. "Remedios - What are we searching for in SM precision tests?". Francesco Riva (CERN), 07 Nov 2016
  17. "Non-perturbative analysis of the spectrum of meson resonances in an ultraviolet-complete composite-Higgs model". Michele Frigerio (Montpelier U), 11 Nov 2016
  18. "TSPT:anewmethodforlargescalestructureinthe mildly non-linear regime". Diego Blas (CERN), 17 Nov 2016
  19. "Black hole paradoxes, old and new". Jose Barbón (IFT Madrid), 24 Nov 2016
  20. "Solid-state imaging detectors for low-energy particle physics". Alvaro Echavarria (Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago), 28 Nov 2016
  21. "Large scale separation and resonances within LHC range from a prototype model for new physics". Oliver Witzel (Edinburgh U), 16 Dec 2016
  22. "Adler function and Bjorken sum rule: generali-zations of the Crewther relation in SU(Nc) the β-expansion of PT series conformal symmetry limit and the way from PMC to the special extension of BLM approach". Andrei Kataev (Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow), 20 Dec 2016

Pizza Seminars

  1. "What are Renormalons". Matthias Jamin (IFAE), 20 Jan 2016
  2. "Triggering AGN activity in galaxies: galaxy inte- ractions vs. disk instabilities". Marco Gatti (IFAE), 10 Feb 2016
  3. "Human Resources Strategy for IFAE Researchers 2016 - 2019". Joaquim Bosch (IFAE), 27 Feb 2016
  4. "Phenomenological applications of rational approximants". Sergi Gonzalez-Solís (IFAE), 02 Mar 2016
  5. "Status of CTA and latest news from the CTA Management". Rene Ong (UCLA, Los Angeles), 09 Mar 2016
  6. "What is the technology transfer? How can it help to my research?". Isaac Esparbé (IFAE), 16 Mar 2016
  7. "The LST Camera". Scott Griffiths (IFAE), 06 Apr 2016
  8. "IFAE Retreat Review". Ramon Miquel (IFAE), 13 Apr 2016
  9. "The IFAE Technical Division". Laia Cardiel (IFAE), 20 Apr 2016
  10. "Prospects For WIMP Dark Matter Detection in Liquid Argon TPCs". Matteo Cavalli-Sforza (IFAE), 04 May 2016
  11. "The MAGIC Sum-Trigger-II". Jezabel R. García (IFAE), 11 May 2016
  12. "The CTA LST bogies". Julià Mundet (IFAE), 25 May 2016
  13. "Prospects for finding Planet 9 in DES data". Andras Kovács (IFAE), 01 Jun 2016
  14. "New inputs for T2K oscillation measurements". Alfonso García (IFAE), 08 Jun 2016
  15. "Dark Matter Perseus". Joaquim Palacio (IFAE), 29 Jun 2016
  16. "About the radius of (heavy) quarkonium and its radiative transitions". Antonio Pineda (IFAE), 13 Jul 2016
  17. "New neutrino CP violation results". Federico Sánchez (IFAE), 20 Jul 2016
  18. "AFP: a newly installed LHC Detector made in Barcelona". Iván López Paz (IFAE), 27 Jul 2016
  19. "Searches for New Physics in ATLAS". Loic Valery (IFAE), 14 Sep 2016
  20. "Physics in Biology". Antonella Sucurro (CEPLAS, University of Cologne, Germany), 21 Sep 2016
  21. "IFAE Communications: new outreach project". Sebastián Grinschpun (IFAE), 28 Sep 2016
  22. "Ultrasound for probing the underground". Matteo Cavalli-Sforza (IFAE), 19 Oct 2016
  23. "A (very) brief description of Flavour anomalies in b->sll: where we are and what’s next?". Joaquim Matías (IFAE), 26 Oct 2016
  24. "T2K phase II proposal". Federico Sánchez (IFAE), 02 Nov 2016
  25. "Galaxy bias from weak gravitational lensing in DES". Judit Prat (IFAE), 09 Nov 2016
  26. "A novel QCD coupling". Matthias Jamin (IFAE), 23 Nov 2016
  27. "Development of a CCD Readout for DESI". Otger Ballester (IFAE), 30 Nov 2016
  28. "IceCube: catching cosmic neutrinos at the South Pole". Gonzalo Merino (ICECube), 21 Dec 2016