Institutional Activities

in 2017

Scientific Output in 2017


Number of indexed journal articles

92.1 %

Articles in first Quartile Journals*


Average Journal Impact Factor (IF)*

Top 5 Journals (by IF) where IFAE published in 2017

Nature (IF:38.6) 1
Nature Physics (IF:19.3) 1
Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series (IF:16.2) 2
Nature Communications (IF:10.0) 1
Physical Review Letters (IF:7.9) 4

Top 5 Journals where IFAE published most frequently in 2017

Journal of High Energy Physics (IF:5.6) 38
European Physical Journal C (IF:5.2) 33
Physical Review D (IF:4.7) 33
Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society (IF:5.5) 28
Astrophysical Journal (IF:6.7) 13

Doctoral Theses: 6
Number of presentations at International Conferences: 124

*Data from Scopus & Web of Science