Colloquia & Seminars

in 2017

IFAE Colloquia

  1. "A new paradigm shift: Massive Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter". García Bellido, Juan (IFT-UAM/CSIC Madrid), 2017-05-26
  2. "Les primeres dades de la missió astromètrica Gaia". Jordi, Carme (ICCUB, IEEC, Barcelona U), 2017-02-20

IFAE Seminars

  1. "Strong dynamics beyond the hierarchy problem". Redi, Michele (Florence U.), 2017-12-15
  2. "Theories with non-linearly realized spacetime symmetries". Baratella, Pietro (IFAE), 2017-12-01
  3. "Gravity and the explicit breaking of global symmetries: from theoretical aspects to phenomenological applications.". Urbano, Alfredo (CERN), 2017-11-24
  4. "Axion Monodromy Inflation and Gravitational Waves". Rompineve, Fabrizio (IFAE), 2017-11-17
  5. "Higgs inflation at the crossroads of quantum theory and gravity". Räsänen, Syksy (University of Helsinki), 2017-11-10
  6. "QCD correlators at High Orders". Jamin, Matthias (IFAE), 2017-11-03
  7. "Phenomenology of dark matter: from WIMPs to FIMPs". Zaldivar, Bryan (LAPTH Annecy), 2017-10-27
  8. "From Kaluza Klein to Non Commutative Gauge Theories of Gravity". Zoupanos, George (Athens), 2017-10-20
  9. "The extraordinary detection of the event GW170817/GRB170817A opens a new era in multi-messenger astrophysics.". Dr Moretti, Elena (Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich), 2017-10-19
  10. "The origin of the very high energy cosmic rays in the central 100 pc of our Galaxy". Dr JOUVIN, Léa (APC Paris), 2017-10-09
  11. "Axions beyond DFSZ/KSVZ". Di Luzio, Luca (Durham U.), 2017-09-22
  12. "New physics in b --> s l l after the measurement of RK*". Kumar, Jacky (TIFR Mumbai), 2017-09-15
  13. "Searching for compressed spectra". Delgado, Antonio (Notre Dame U.), 2017-06-30
  14. "B decay anomalies from nonabelian gauged generation number". Cline, James (McGill University), 2017-06-09
  15. "Relaxed Inflation". Kohsaku, Tobioka (Tel Aviv U.), 2017-06-02
  16. "Minimal models for Dark Matter and the Muon g − 2". Calibbi, Lorenzo (Beijing, ITP), 2017-05-12
  17. "Cosmological production of dark matter axions". Saikawa, Kenichi (DESY Hamburg), 2017-05-05
  18. "Spinning Correlators in Four Dimensional Conformal Field Theories". Serone, Marco (SISSA (Trieste)), 2017-04-25
  19. "Energizing Higgs Phenomenology for future runs". Spannowsky, Michael (IPPP Durham), 2017-04-07
  20. "Separate T, CP, CPT Asymmetries in Entangled Neutral Meson Transitions". Bernabeu, Jose (IFIC), 2017-03-13
  21. "Testing gravity in the gravitational wave era". Witek, Helvi (University of Barcelona), 2017-03-10
  22. "Renormalons in Pole Mass of Quarks". Komijani, Javad (TU Munich), 2017-03-03
  23. "The Axiflavon". Ziegler, Robert (Karlsruhe), 2017-02-17
  24. "QCD coupling which respects lattice restrictions at low energies". Ayala, Cesar (Valencia), 2017-02-10
  25. "On the SM EFT and its deformations". Falkowski, Adam (LPT Orsay), 2017-01-27

Pizza Seminars

  1. "Thorsten Lux - T2K Near Detector Upgrade". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-12-13
  2. "Jorge Jimenez - ASTEROID: An astronomy infrared detector made in Europe". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-11-29
  3. "Two undergraduate projects: silicon detectors & MWPC". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-11-22
  4. "Mateo García Pepin - Data science opportunities outside academia". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-11-15
  5. "Judit Prat - DES Y1 Cosmology Results". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-10-25
  6. "Vagelis Gkougkousis - A High Granularity Timing Detector for the Phase II Upgrade of the ATLAS experiment". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-10-18
  7. "Merve Çolak - The fastest spinning, the most magnetic and compact objects directly observed in the universe: Pulsars". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-10-11
  8. "Marco Gatti and Pauline Vielzeuf - Clustering-redshift methodology in Dark Energy Survey Year 1 analysis". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-10-04
  9. "Davide Racco - Effective Theories and Simplified Models for Dark Matter". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-09-20
  10. "Elena Moretti - GRB in the High Energy and Very High Energy regime". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-09-13
  11. "Pere Masjuan - The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon: a bit of past, a bit of present, and a lot of future". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-07-26
  12. "Stefano Terzo - A novel monolithic HV-CMOS pixel detector prototype for the ATLAS upgrade". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-07-19
  13. "Bernat Capdevila - Patterns of New Physics in b→sℓ+ℓ− transitions in the light of recent data". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-06-28
  14. "John E. Ward - Light-Trap: A SiPM Upgrade for VHE Astronomy and Beyond". Dr Leyton, Michael (IFAE), 2017-05-31
  15. "Jose Gabriel Macias - ERICA: an Energy Resolving X-Ray Photon Counting ASIC". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-05-17
  16. "Bruno Giménez - The Optical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with MAGIC". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-05-03
  17. "David Vazquez - 3D pixel sensors for the HL-LHC upgrade of the ATLAS detector". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-04-26
  18. "Alfonso Garcia - Neutrino-nucleus interactions at near detector of T2K". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-04-19
  19. "Rafel Escribano - Presentation of the BIST Master". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-03-22
  20. "Jorge Garcia - Overview of the IFAE Clean Room facilities". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-03-15
  21. "Leyre Nogués - Quantum Gravity with the MAGIC telescopes". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-03-08
  22. "András Kovács - The Dipole Repeller". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-03-01
  23. "Koji Noda - Gamma-Ray Bursts". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-02-22
  24. "Two undergraduate projects: sensor technology & cosmic web". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-02-15
  25. "Matteo Cavalli-Sforza - Free will, the brain and deep learning". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-02-01
  26. "Jorge Carretero - CosmoHub on Hadoop: a web portal to analyze and distribute massive cosmological data". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-01-25
  27. "Michael Leyton: Neutrino geoscience and reactor monitoring with direction-sensitive detectors". Dr Ward, John E (IFAE), 2017-01-18