in 2017

Doctoral Thesis

  1. Carles Sánchez
    Cosmology with the Dark Energy Survey: Constraints from the combination of large-scale structure and weak gravitational lensing in the Science Verification data set
    September 2017, Thesis Advisor: Ramon Miquel
  2. Alba Fernández-Barral
    Extreme particle acceleration in microquasar jets and pulsar wind nebulae with the MAGIC telescopes
    October 2017, Thesis Advisor: Òscar Blanch
  3. Mirkoantonio Casolino
    Searches for new phenomena involving top quarks and Higgs bosons with the ATLAS detector
    February 2017, Thesis Advisor: Aurelio Juste
  4. Cora Fischer
    Search for new phenomena in events with a highly energetic jet and missing transverse momentum with the ATLAS detector
    September 2017, Thesis Advisor: Mario Martínez
  5. Alfonso Garcia
    Study of the numu interactions via charged current in the T2K near detectorJune 2017
    June 2017, Thesis Advisor: Federico Sánchez
  6. Yulia Rodina
    Search for the Higgs boson decaying to a pair of bottom quarks and produced in association with a pair of top quarks in the LHC Run 2 data with the ATLAS detector using a likelihood technique
    November 2017, Thesis Advisor: Aurelio Juste, (UAB & CPPM)

Master Thesis

  1. Laura Cabanyol
    Star/galaxy separation in the images obtained by PAUCam
    July 2017, Thesis Advisor: Enrique Fernández
  2. Emilio Royo
    The mixing of pseudoscalar mesons
    September 2017, Thesis Advisor: Rafel Escribano
  3. Dídac Roca
    Applying quadratic Padé approximants to the pion electromagnetic form factor
    September 2017, Thesis Advisor: Rafel Escribano
  4. Marc Granado
    Sensitivity studies for searches for dark matter with two b-jets and missing transverse energy final states at LHC
    July 2017, Thesis Advisor: Mario Martínez