IFAE Colloquia & Seminars

in 2018

IFAE Colloquia

  1. "The Dawn of Precision Gravity: From the LHC to LISA". Rafael Porto (ICTP-SAIFR, Sao Paulo & DESY, Hamburg), 10/29/2018
  2. "Neutrinos at Colliders?". Alain Blondel (University of Geneva), 07/02/2018
  3. "INFN looking at the future". Fernando Ferroni (INFN), 06/12/2018
  4. "Storage ring experiment proposal at CERN to reach a proton EDM sensitivity of 10^-29 e cm". Frederic Teubert (CERN), 06/07/2018
  5. "The Astroparticle Physics Roadmap and the role of Gravitational Wave Research". Stavros Katsanevas (Astroparticle and Cosmology (APC) laboratory in Paris), 06/01/2018
  6. "The future of gravitational waves: Technology upgrades for Enhanced 2G and 3G detectors + Science case". Borja Sorazu (University of Glasgow), 05/28/2018
  7. "The axion search landscape". Javier Redondo (Universidad de Zaragoza), 05/23/2018
  8. "Quantum Disruption". José Ignacio Latorre (Universitat de Barcelona), 03/05/2018
  9. "The extraordinary detection of the event GW170817/GRB170817A opens a new era in multi-messenger astrophysics". Elena Moretti (IFAE), 10/19/2018

IFAE Seminars

  1. "Fundamental Physics with Galactic Cosmic Rays from Space Platforms: Current Status and Future Opportunities". Casaus Jorge (CIEMAT), 12/17/2018
  2. "Overview of Beam Dump Facility and SHiP experiment at CERN". Mirkoantonio Casolino (CERN), 11/16/2018
  3. "Observations of Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars with MAGIC (a.k.a. The MAGIC of FSRQs)". Julian Sitarek (University of Łódź), 07/06/2018
  4. "Hight Throughput Data-Intensive Computing in the Era of Ever Larger Supercomputers". Miron Livny (UW-Madison), 04/20/2018
  5. "Towards a compact photo-detection module for astroparticle physics and more". David Gascon Fora (ICCUB), 03/16/2018
  6. "Astro(-particle)-physics and Cosmology with Clusters of Galaxies". Mar Fabio Zandanel (GRAPPA Institute - University of Amsterdam), 03/01/2018
  7. "Beauty and magic of QCD at high energy (High-Energy Limit of Mass-Suppressed Amplitudes in Gauge Theories)". A.A. Penin (University of Alberta), 12/14/2018
  8. "No-Go theorems for ekpyrosis from ten-dimensional supergravity". Kunihito Uzawa (Kwansei Gakuin U. Japan), 12/13/2018
  9. "Searches for Macroscopic Dark Matter: Lensing and Beyond". Katz Andrey (CERN), 12/11/2018
  10. "Low energy challenges for high energy physicists: the vibrational modes of soft matter". Matteo Baggioli (IFT Madrid), 10/25/2018
  11. "Axions from Strings: the Attractive Solution". Marco Gorghetto (SISSA Trieste), 10/11/2018
  12. "21-cm anomaly and dark matter interpretations". Mohanty Subhendra (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India), 07/12/2018
  13. "Hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment". Thomas Blum (University of Connecticut), 06/15/2018
  14. "Thermal Relic Exceptions". Josh Ruderman (New York University), 06/08/2018
  15. "Parity doubling as a tool for right-handed current searches". Roman Zwicky (University of Edinburgh), 06/07/2018
  16. "Direct detection of dark matter through molecular excitations". Jesús Pérez Ríos (Purdue University), 06/01/2018
  17. "On the (low) threshold of new physics". David Cerdeño (IPPP Durham), 05/18/2018
  18. "Higgs relaxation after inflation". Nayara Fonseca (DESY Hamburg), 05/15/2018
  19. "The muon g-2: a new data-based analysis". Alexander Keshavarzi (Liverpool University), 05/04/2018
  20. "Cosmic Photons from Mass Splitting in the Dark Sector". Francesco D'Eramo (Padova University), 05/04/2018
  21. "Nambu-Goldstone Bosons: from Composite Higgs to Scattering Amplitudes". Ian Low (Northwestern University), 04/12/2018
  22. "Beyond Positivity Constraints on EFTs and Massive Gravity". Javi Serra (CERN), 04/06/2018
  23. "Calculable mass hierarchies and a light dilation from gravity duals". Maurizio Piai (Swansea University), 03/23/2018
  24. "The quest for exotic states". Alessandro Piloni (JLAB), 03/22/2018
  25. "The Higgs and cosmology". Oleg Lebedev, (Helsinki University), 03/20/2018
  26. "Holographic Self-Tuning of the Cosmological Constant". Nitti Francesco (APC, Universite de Paris), 03/16/2018
  27. "Lattice explorations of a composite Higgs". Yigal Shamir (Tel Aviv University), 03/09/2018
  28. "Revealing diquarks in the proton". Jorge Segovia (IFAE), 03/02/2018
  29. "Heavy hybrids". Jaume Tarrus (IFAE), 02/23/2018
  30. "The nature of space and time". Gustavo Esteban Romero (Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía and University of La Plata), 02/16/2018
  31. "Dark Matter Spikes Around Kerr Black Holes". Augusto Medeiros (Washington University), 02/15/2018
  32. "A resolution of the tau V_us puzzle". Kim Maltman (York University), 01/26/2018
  33. "How strong are the strong interactions?". Alberto Ramos (CERN), 01/18/2018

Pizza Seminars

  1. "The Barcelona Raman LIDAR". Òscar Martínez , 12/19/2018
  2. "Lorentz Invariance Violation with gamma rays". Leyre Nogues , 12/05/2018
  3. "The next European Particle Physics Strategy: a few inputs from INFN". Matteo Cavalli-Sforza , 10/17/2018
  4. "The PAU Survey: Early demonstration of photometric redshift performance". Martin Eriksen , 10/10/2018
  5. "A Gender Equality Plan for IFAE". Martine Bosman , 10/03/2018
  6. "True Bayesian redshifts in the Dark Energy Survey". Carles Sánchez , 07/25/2018
  7. "Star-Galaxy classification with multi narrow-band data from the PAUCam Camera". Laura Cabayol , 07/21/2018
  8. "Supercooling from New Strong Physics, Reheating from Old One". Pietro Baratella , 05/16/2018
  9. "The supermassive black hole at the center of the Galaxy". Francesc Ferrer , 04/25/2018
  10. "The ATLAS Pixel Detector Upgrade for the HL-LHC". Giulia Giannini , 04/11/2018
  11. "First results with the prototype VIP PET scanner". Machiel Kolstein , 03/07/2018
  12. "Transient Current Technique - Pulsed light for particle detector characterization". Emanuele Cavallaro , 02/28/2018
  13. "On the $J/\psi \to \gamma \eta_c \to \gamma X$ line-shape in pNRQCD". Jorge Segovia , 02/21/2018
  14. "Charge summation algorithm for small pixel detector". Mokhtar Chmeissani , 02/14/2018
  15. "Excess of Very High Energy Cosmic Rays in the Central 100 Pc of the Milky Way". Léa Jouvin , 01/24/2018
  16. "Prospects for long-range reactor monitoring with antineutrino detectors". Michael Leyton , 01/10/2018