External Committees

in 2018


Bosman, Martine

  • IFAE Representative, ATLAS Collaboration Board
  • Member, CERN Associates and Fellows Selection Committee
  • Spanish National Contact Physicist, ATLAS (since July 2015).
  • Member, Comisión de Infraestructuras de Física de Partículas y Aceleradores (CIFPA)
  • Member, Equal Opportunities committee of European Physical Society
  • Member, Comissió d’Igualtat d’Oportunitats i Gestió de la Diversitat (CERCA)
  • Member, Expert Panel of FWO (Flanders Research Foundation - Belgium)
  • Member, International Evaluation Committee of INFN (Italy)

Cavalli-Sforza, Matteo

  • Member, CIEMAT International Advisory Committee (since 2017)
  • Member, CERN-IdeaSquare International Advisory Board (since 2017)

Juste, Aurelio

  • Member, Speakers Committee of the ATLAS experiment (since October 2017).
  • External referee, European Research Council Executive Agency.
  • External referee, Research Grants Council-Hong Kong, China.
  • Member, Editorial Board of the journals Advances in High Energy Physics and Journal of Particle Physics.

Korolkov, Ilya

  • Member, Tile Calorimeter Collaboration Institution Board.
  • Member, Tile Calorimeter Management Board.
  • Member, ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Test Beam coordinator.
  • Chair, ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Optics Robustness Task Force
  • Member, ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Phase-II Upgrade Steering group

Martínez, Mario

  • Manager, Spanish Program for Particle Physics and Accelerators (FPA) (2015-2018)
  • Spanish Scientific Delegate, CERN's Council
  • Spanish Scientific Delegate, Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (APPEC)
  • Chair, LHCC+UCG Review Committee for CERN's CMS Muon Technical Design Report for HL-LHC upgrade (from September 2017 to February 2018)
  • Member, CMS Phase 2 Upgrade Group at CERN
  • Member, External Scientific Committee for LSC, Canfranc, Spain

Pacheco, Andrés

  • Member, Spanish ATLAS Federated Tier-2 management board

Padilla, Cristobal

  • Member, ATLAS Speaker Committee Advisory Board (since March 2017)

Riu, Imma

  • Member, TDAQ Phase 2 Steering Group
  • Member, ATLAS FTK commissioning review committee

ATLAS Pixels Group

Gkougkousis, Evamngelos - Leonnidas

  • Co-cordinator, ATLAS HGTD Management board as test-beam

Grinstein, Sebastian

  • Co-convener, ATLAS HGTD Module Assembly Group
  • Member, ATLAS ITk Pixel coordination team
  • Member, ATLAS Forward Detectors Institute Board
  • Member, ATLAS Pixel Institute Board
  • Leader, RD50 Institute (Radiation hard semiconductor devices for very high luminosity colliders – CERN)
  • Coordinator, AIDA-2020 WP6 (HVCMOS)

Neutrinos Group

Lux, Thorsten

  • Convener, R&D WG of Near Detector Network of the CERN Neutrino Platform

Lux, Thorsten

  • Co-chair, T2K ND280 Upgrade Working Group: Mechanics and Integration

Gamma Ray Group

Blanch, Òscar

  • Outreach Coordinator, MAGIC Collaboration.
  • Member, MAGIC Executive Board
  • Member, MAGIC Technical Board
  • Member, MAGIC Collaboration Board
  • Convener, LST-CAM working group in CTA

Cortina, Juan

  • Member, MAGIC Technical Board
  • Co-Principal Investigator, CTA Large Scale Telescopes (LST)
  • Coordinator for site/infrastructure and member, CTA LST Executive Board

Martínez, Manel

  • Chair, CTA LST Steering Committee.
  • Spanish Delegate, APIF (Astroparticle Physics International Forum) of OECD.
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board of the Helmholtz alliance for Astroparticle Physics (HAP)
  • Member, Committee for Infrastructures of the FPA National Program (CIFPA)
  • Member, Committee for CTA of the Research Infrastructures for Astronomy committee (RIA).

Moralejo, Abelardo

  • Co-coordinator, CTA Analysis and Simulations Working Group
  • Member, MAGIC software board
  • IFAE Representative, MAGIC Collaboration Board
  • Manager, MAGIC common fund
  • Member, CTA Speakers and publications office
  • Analysis software convener, LST project
  • Member, LST Executive Board

Noda, Koji

  • Coordinator, CTA LST optics
  • Deputy Coordinator, CTA LST ACTL interfaces (Control working group)
  • Member, CTA LST Executive Board

Rico, Javier

  • Deputy Physics Coordinator , MAGIC Collaboration
  • Coordinator, MAGIC Data Center
  • Manager, Comité de Gestión del Port d’Informació Científica (PIC)

Cosmology Group

Fernández, Enrique

  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute of Physics of the University of Freiburg, germany

Miquel, Ramon

  • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee of the Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (APPEC)
  • Member, DES Management Committee
  • Member, DES Builders Committee
  • Member, DES Publication Board
  • Member, DES Advisory Board
  • Member, DESI Speakers Board

Padilla, Cristobal

  • Member, ATLAS Speakers Committee Advisory Board
  • Chair, Euclid Speakers Bureau

Prat, Judit

  • Co-convener, DES Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing science sub-working group

Theory Group

Pomarol, Alex

  • Member, Theory Advisory Committee for LHC Higgs Physics


Delfino, Manuel

  • Chair, Collaboration Board of the EU HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement project
  • Member, Cherenkov Telescope Arrary (CTA) Collaboration Board
  • Member, Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov Telescopes (MAGIC) Collaboration Board
  • Chair, IceCube Scientific Computing Advisory Panel
  • Member, Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Overview Board
  • Member, CERN LHC Computing Resources Scrutiny Group
  • Member, EU-T0 Executive Board
  • Member, PAU Survey Management Committee

Acín, Vanessa

  • Member, Technical Committee for the EU HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement project

Delgado, Jordi

  • Member, MAGIC Software Board

Flix, José

  • Member, Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Overview, Collaboration and Management Boards

López, Fernando

  • Member, WLCG Network Throughput Working Group

Neissner, Christian

  • Coordinator, Euclid Spanish Scientific Data Center (SDC-ES)

Porto, Mari Carmen

  • Member, Collaboration Board and Admin Sub Committee for the EU HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement project

Pérez-Calero, Antonio

  • Convener, CMS Computing Submission Infrastructure
  • Member, CMS Computing Management Board
  • Member, CMS Workload Management Evolution committee