Proceedings & Books

in 2018

  1. M. Ahnen et al., MAGIC Collaboration
    A cut-off in the TeV gamma-ray spectrum of the SNR Cassiopeia A
    Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 472 (2017) 2956--2962 [DOI] [arXiv]
  2. D. Guberman et al., MAGIC Collaboration
    A cut-off in the TeV gamma-ray spectrum of the SNR Cassiopeia A
    PoS ICRC2017 (2018) 724 [DOI]
  3. R. Casanova , G. Casse , S. Grinstein , E. Vilella , J. Voosebeld
    A Monolithic HV/HR-MAPS Detector with a Small Pixel Size of 50 $μ$m x 50 $μ$m for the ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade
    PoS TWEPP-17 (2018) 039 [DOI]
  4. C. Grieco
    ATLAS Forward Proton Detector
    PoS LHCP2018 (2018) 031 [DOI]
  5. J. Espinosa
    Cosmological implications of Higgs near-criticality
    Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. A376 (2018) 20170118 [DOI]
  6. R. Escribano , S. Gonz lez-Solis
    Dalitz decays of $π^0$, $η$ and $η$ mesons
    PoS Hadron2017 (2018) 219 [DOI]
  7. R. Casanova , E. Cavallaro , F. Fster , S. Grinstein , I. Peric , C. Puigdengoles , S. Terzo , E. Vilella
    Design and characterization of the monolithic matrices of the H35DEMO chip
    PoS TWEPP-17 (2018) 029 [DOI]
  8. E. Megias , M. Quiros , L. Salas
    Flavor anomalies from warped space
    Nucl. Part. Phys. Proc. 294-296 (2018) 177--182 [DOI] [arXiv]
  9. E. Megas , G. Nardini , M. Quirs
    Gravitational waves and collider signatures from holographic phase transitions in soft walls
  10. A. Pomarol
    Light scalars: From the lattice to the LHC via holography
    PoS CORFU2017 (2018) 061 [DOI]
  11. D. Figueroa , E. Megias , G. Nardini , M. Pieroni , M. Quiros , A. Ricciardone , G. Tasinato
    LISA as a probe for particle physics: electroweak scale tests in synergy with ground-based experiments
    PoS GRASS2018 (2018) 036 [DOI] [arXiv]
  12. A. Fernndez-Barral et al., MAGIC Collaboration
    MAGIC observations on Pulsar Wind Nebulae around high spin-down power Fermi-LAT pulsars
    PoS ICRC2017 (2018) 733 [DOI] [arXiv]
  13. D. Hadasch et al., MAGIC Collaboration
    MAGIC VHE Gamma-Ray Observations Of Binary Systems
    PoS ICRC2017 (2018) 725 [DOI] [arXiv]
  14. A. Moralejo Olaizola et al., MAGIC Collaboration
    Measurement of the EBL through a combined likelihood analysis of gamma-ray observations of blazars with the MAGIC telescopes
    PoS ICRC2017 (2018) 604 [DOI] [arXiv]
  15. R. Schimassek , R. Blanco , R. Casanova , F. Ehrler , I. Perić , E. Vilella , H. Zhang
    Monolithic sensors in LFoundry technology: Concepts and measurements
  16. M. Kiehn , . others
    Performance of CMOS pixel sensor prototypes in ams H35 and aH18 technology for the ATLAS ITk upgrade
  17. T. Van Daalen et al., ATLAS Collaboration
    Performance of the ATLAS Hadronic Tile Calorimeter
    PoS LHCP2018 (2018) 025 [DOI]
  18. J. Lange , S. Grinstein , M. Manna , G. Pellegrini , D. Quirion , S. Terzo , D. Furelos
    Radiation Hardness of Small-Pitch 3D Pixel Sensors up to HL-LHC Fluences
    Springer Proc. Phys. 213 (2018) 421--425 [DOI] [arXiv]
  19. D. Gra et al., MAGIC Collaboration
    Sensitivity for tau neutrinos at PeV energies and beyond with the MAGIC telescopes
    PoS ICRC2017 (2018) 992 [DOI] [arXiv]
  20. G. Panico
    Top compositeness, Flavor and Naturalness
  21. M. Prathapan , M. Benoit , R. al.
    Towards the large area HVCMOS demonstrator for ATLAS ITk
  22. A. Lpez-Oramas et al., MAGIC Collaboration
    VHE observations of binary systems performed with the MAGIC telescopes
    Int. J. Mod. Phys. D27 (2018) 1844010 [DOI] [arXiv]