in 2018

Doctoral Thesis

  1. Pauline Vielzeuf
    Cross-correlations in the Dark Energy Survey: from redshift distribution inference to probes of gravity with the Cosmic Microwave Background
    October 2018, Thesis Advisor: Ramon Miquel and András Kovács
  2. Thibaud Vantalon
    Probing beyond the standard model physics using effective field theory
    April 2018, Thesis Advisor: O. Pujolàs and C. Grojean
  3. Joaquim Palacio
    Indirect dark matter searches on the Triangulum-II dwarf spheroidal galaxy and the Perseus galaxy cluster with the MAGIC telescopes
    March 2018, Thesis Advisor: J. Rico
  4. Ivan López Paz
    The one-armed ATLAS Forward Proton detector
    May 2018, Thesis Advisor: S. Grinstein and J. Lange
  5. Marc Riembau
    Exploration of the Higgs sector after its discovery
    June 2018, Thesis Advisor: C. Grojean & G. Panico
  6. Emanuele Cavallaro
    Novel silicon detector technologies for the HL-LHC ATLAS upgrade
    November 2018, Thesis Advisor: S. Grinstein
  7. Daniel Guberman
    MAGIC observations with bright Moon and their application to measuring the VHE gamma-ray spectral cut-off of the PeVatron candidate Cassiopeia A
    September 2018, Thesis Advisor: A. Moralejo and J. Cortina
  8. Chiara Rizzi
    Searches for supersymmetric particles in final states with multiple top and bottom quarks with the ATLAS detector
    October 2018, Thesis Advisor: A, Juste
  9. Andrea Rodríguez
    Search for new phenomena in events with jets and missing transverse momentum at the high-energy LHC RunII with the ATLAS detector
    October 2018, Thesis Advisor: M. Martínez
  10. Mireia Nievas Rosillo
    Observaciones de la emisión en muy altas energías de blazars a distancias cosmológicas
    July 2018, Thesis Advisor: J.L. Contreras and A. Moralejo, ((at Universidad Complutense de Madrid))
  11. Leyre Nogués
    Constraints on Lorentz Invariance Violation through the study of energy-dependent photonic time dispersions utilizing observations from current gamma-ray instruments
    November 2018, Thesis Advisor: M. Martínez and M. Gaug, ((at Universidad de Zaragoza))

Master Thesis

  1. Ángel Fernández
    Applications of Noether's theorem
    July 2018, Thesis Advisor: Rafel Escribano
  2. Clara Fernández
    Non-linear Maxwell's equations
    July 2018, Thesis Advisor: Rafel Escribano
  3. Sergi Burniol
    Pion electromagnetic form factor low-energy constants determination through quadratic Padé approximants
    September 2018, Thesis Advisor: Rafel Escribano
  4. David Navarro Girones
    Pointing optimization for IACTS, for indirect dark matter searches
    February 2018, Thesis Advisor: J. Palacio
  5. Jesús Urtasun Elizari
    Search for electrowek Higgsino pair production in the di-Higgs topology with ≥3 b-jets using the ATLAS detector at LHC
    June 2018, Thesis Advisor: A. Juste and Ch. Rizzi.
  6. Laura Pereira Sánchez
    Search and improvement sensitivity study for flavour-changing neutral current t→Hq (q=u,c) decays, with H→bb, in the lepton+jets final state in pp collisions at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector,
    June 2018, Thesis Advisor: A. Juste.
  7. Sergio González
    VBF Higgs decaying to tau leptons for the HGTD detector
    June 2018, Thesis Advisor: P. Casado
  8. Adrian Salvador
    Discriminant studies for the search of a charged Higgs boson in the single lepton channel with the ATLAS experiment
    June 2018, Thesis Advisor: I. Riu
  9. David Cintas
    Study of the performance of the online event selection in the ATLAS experiment
    September 2018, Thesis Advisor: I. Riu
  10. Marco Praderio
    Using deep learning to search for dark matter
    September 2018, Thesis Advisor: M. Martínez