Colloquia & Seminars

in 2019

IFAE Colloquia

  1. "Studying the Expansion of the Universe with quasar spectra". Font Ribera, Andreu (University College London), 2019-09-06
  2. "Black holes, neutron stars and the birth of gravitational wave astronomy". Cadonati, Laura (Georgia Institute of Technology), 2019-07-10
  3. "PIC Colloquium - Needles and Haystacks at Scale: The Evolution of LIGO-Virgo Computing". Couvares, Peter (Caltech), 2019-07-09
  4. "QCD, Higher Orders, and Beyond". Jamin, Matthias (ICREA & IFAE), 2019-07-04
  5. "Black holes gold rush". Kusenko, Alexander (UCLA, Los Angeles & Tokyo U., IPMU), 2019-06-25
  6. "Black holes and the Universe's Quantum memories". Dr Dvali, Giorgi (New York University's Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics and at LMU Munich), 2019-05-06
  7. "Superconducting Quantum Processors". Dr Forn-Diaz, Pol (BSC), 2019-03-11
  8. "Polaritonics: hybrid light-matter quasiparticles for science and technology". Dr De Liberato, Simone (University of Southampton), 2019-01-14

IFAE Seminars

  1. "Sub-MeV dark matter detection with superfluid He-4: an effective theory approach". Esposito, Angelo (EPFL), 2019-12-13
  2. "Strong phase transitions in the early universe". Panico, Giuliano (University of Florence & INFN, Florence), 2019-12-03
  3. "Gravitational waves from ultra-supercooled first-order phase transitions". Jinno, Ryusuke (DESY), 2019-11-15
  4. "Detector Development at DESY Photon Science". Correa, Jonathan (DESY), 2019-11-05
  5. "Holographic Complex CFTs". Mateos, David , 2019-10-25
  6. "Listening to spacetime". Henning, Brian (Université de Genève), 2019-10-17
  7. "The first image of a black hole by the Event Horizon Telescope". Issaoun, Sara (Radboud University), 2019-09-27
  8. "A dispersive analysis of the decays tau->nu (2pi/2K/3pi)". Gonzalez Solis, Sergi (Indiana University), 2019-09-26
  9. "Sub-milliarcsecond astronomy with Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes". Hassan, Tarek (DESY), 2019-09-26
  10. "Gravitational lensing of quasars observed across the electromagnetic spectrum". Dominis, Dijana (University of Rijeka), 2019-09-20
  11. "From neutrinos to flavour and back". Dr Hagedorn, Claudia (Southern Denmark U., CP3-Origins), 2019-09-13
  12. "High-dimensional data visualisation for physics applications". Dr Laa, Ursula (Monash University), 2019-07-05
  13. "The QCD Axion as a hot relic and the H_0 tension". Notari, Alessio (UB), 2019-07-02
  14. "R-Parity Violation at the LHC - Strategies for the Precision Era". Bansal, Saurabh (University of Notre Dame), 2019-06-28
  15. "Low-energy constraints on new physics". Dr González Alonso, Martín (CERN), 2019-06-14
  16. "Heavy Dynamical Axions". Houtz, Rachel (IFT Madrid), 2019-05-31
  17. "Primordial black holes’ dark dresses: Roads towards a discovery and possible implications". Gaggero, Daniele (UAM), 2019-05-24
  18. "Non-perturbative origin of elementary particle mass: basic mechanism and phenomenological implications". Frezzotti, Roberto (Università di Roma Tor Vergata), 2019-05-23
  19. "On classification of effective field theories". Dr Kampf, Karol (Charles University, Prague), 2019-04-26
  20. "The b -> s anomalies as a guide beyond the Standard Model". Dr Vicente, Avelino (IFIC), 2019-03-29
  21. "Flavor and high-pT implications of bsμμ anomalies". Marzocca, David (INFN Trieste), 2019-03-15
  22. "New Physics implications of the B-physics anomalies". Fuentes Martin, Javier (Universitat Zurich), 2019-03-01
  23. "Matter under extreme conditions". Carignano, Stefano (UB - ICC), 2019-02-08
  24. "Indirect Dark Matter searches with charged cosmic rays". Boudaud, Mathieu (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Energies, Paris), 2019-02-01
  25. "CP vioation in eta muonic decays". Dr Sánchez Puertas, Pablo (IFAE), 2019-01-25
  26. "Gravitational wave forest from string axiverse". Urakawa, Yuko (Nagoya U, Japan), 2019-01-18
  27. "Probing axions through the effective number of degrees of freedom". Ferreira, Ricardo (Stockholm U), 2019-01-08

Pizza Seminars

  1. "IFAE Summer fellowship 2019 projects". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-12-18
  2. "David López - Coherent control of a superconducting qubit". Dr Manera, Marc (IFAE), 2019-12-11
  3. "Oriol Pujolàs - Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and the Strength of Materials". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-12-04
  4. "Elena Moretti - Inverse Compton emission revealed by observations up to TeV energies of GRB 190114C". Dr Manera, Marc (IFAE), 2019-11-20
  5. "Adrià Terradellas - Fractal dynamics and cancer growth, a BIST Project led by IFAE in collaboration with IRB". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-10-23
  6. "Dijana Dominis - Searching for extrasolar planets with gravitational microlensing". Dr Manera, Marc (IFAE), 2019-09-25
  7. "Pol Forn-Díaz - Introducing the Quantum Computation Technology group at IFAE". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-09-04
  8. "Fabrizio Rompineve - Fundamental (new) physics and gravitational waves". Dr Manera, Marc (IFAE), 2019-07-03
  9. "Jan Ollé - Oscillons and Dark Matter". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-06-19
  10. "Martine Bosman - CERN Council Open Symposium on the Update of European Strategy for Particle Physics". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-06-12
  11. "Tianya Wu - Overview of pixel chip for CEPC Vertex Detector". Dr Manera, Marc (IFAE), 2019-06-05
  12. "Judit Prat - Gender Equality Committee". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-05-29
  13. "Pablo Sánchez Puertas - Radiative Corrections". Dr Manera, Marc (IFAE), 2019-05-15
  14. "Oscar Blanch - LST Commissioning". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-05-08
  15. "Thorsten Lux- Detector Physics of a Liquid Argon Dual Phase TPC". Dr Manera, Marc (IFAE), 2019-04-10
  16. "César Jesús- TPC beam test results for the ND280 upgrade". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-04-03
  17. "Malgorzata Siudek - Uncovering galaxy evolutionary pathways using machine learning techniques". Dr Manera, Marc (IFAE), 2019-03-20
  18. "Marcel Algueró - Are we overlooking Lepton Flavour Universal New Physics in b → sll ?". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-03-13
  19. "Mario Martínez - VIRGO@IFAE: First steps and prospects for 2019". Dr Manera, Marc (IFAE), 2019-03-06
  20. "Manel Martinez - On an Optimal Method for Selecting the Bin Size of a Histogram". Dr Masjuan, Pere (IFAE), 2019-02-27