Colloquia & Seminars

in 2021

IFAE Colloquia

  1. "The CMB as a detector of gravitational waves". Garcia Cely, Camilo (DESY), 2021-10-05

IFAE Seminars

  1. "CP-Violating Invariants in the SMEFT". Gendy Abd El Sayed, Emanuele (DESY), 2021-12-09
  2. "Primordial black holes from confinement". Zantedeschi, Michael (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), 2021-11-18
  3. "The η/η′ system and large-Nc ChPT: A Lattice QCD Study". Dr Bali, Gunnar (Regensburg U.), 2021-11-11
  4. "Hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment from lattice QCD". Prof. Blum, Thomas , 2021-11-08
  5. "Gravitational wave probes of primordial black holes". Veermäe, Hardi , 2021-11-04
  6. "Beyond-classical computing with superconducting quantum bits". Prof. Rami, Barends (Head of the Peter Grünberg Institute for Functional Quantum Systems, Julich Research Center), 2021-11-02
  7. "Why building a muon collider". Wulzer, Andrea (EPFL, CERN & University of Padova), 2021-10-28
  8. "Lepton Flavour Universality Violation in light of the Cabibbo Angle Anomaly". Mr Manzari, Claudio Andrea (Zurich U.), 2021-10-18
  9. "Multibody decay analyses - a new phenomenological model for meson-meson subamplitudes". Dr Camargo Magalhaes, Patricia , 2021-10-14
  10. "Asteroids as a gravitational wave detector in the microhertz gap". Fedderke, Michael (Johns Hopkins University), 2021-10-07
  11. "New Physics and the Hubble Tension". Rompineve, Fabrizio (CERN), 2021-09-30
  12. "Causality, Higher-Spin Particles and Large N QCD". Kundu, Sandipan (Johns Hopkins University), 2021-07-13
  13. "Conformal Window and Walking Dynamics in 4D Gauge Theories". Serone, Marco (SISSA & INFN), 2021-06-17
  14. "On the Difference between FOPT and CIPT for Hadronic Tau Decays". Prof. Hoang, André H. , 2021-06-07
  15. "Strong coupling determinations from relativistic quarkonium sum rules". Dr Boito, Diogo (Sao Paulo University), 2021-05-06
  16. "PIC Seminar - Simulating the fascinating phenomena of the strongest magnets in the Universe". Viganò, Daniele (ICE), 2021-03-26
  17. "The Flavor of UV Physics". Prof. Westhoff, Susanne (Heidelberg U.), 2021-03-25
  18. "New τ-based evaluation of the hadronic contribution to the vacuum polarization piece of the muon anomalous magnetic moment". Mr Miranda, Alejandro (CINVESTAV IPN, Mexico), 2021-03-18
  19. "Soft theorems from on-shell amplitudes". Falkowski, Adam (Universite Paris-Saclay), 2021-03-04
  20. "Shedding some light on the light-by-light". Dr Catà, Oscar (Siegen U.), 2021-02-25
  21. "Gravitational waves from an effective field theory". Prof. Maier, Andreas (DESY (Zeuthen)), 2021-02-18
  22. "Gravity, Global Symmetries, and the Axion Quality Problem". Alvey, James (King's College, London), 2021-02-04
  23. "Charging a leptoquark under L_mu - L_tau". Dr Kirk, Matthew (La Sapienza Rome & INFN), 2021-01-28
  24. "Quantum Mechanics of Gravitational Waves". Zahariade, George (IFAE), 2021-01-14

Pizza Seminars

  1. "Work environment at IFAE". Blanch Bigas, Oscar (IFAE), 2021-10-13
  2. "The gravitational chimes of a black hole: ringdown analysis to test general relativity". Caneva Santoro, Giada (IFAE), 2021-09-29
  3. "First data from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument". Font-Ribera, Andreu (IFAE), 2021-07-07
  4. "BIST's strategic plan". Silberman, Gabby (Director General of BIST), 2021-06-30
  5. "Dark Energy Survey: Cosmological Analysis Results of Year 3 Data". Giannini, Giulia (IFAE), 2021-06-23
  6. "eALBA: an electron beam in the ALBA Synchrotron". Lopez Paz, Ivan (IFAE), 2021-05-05
  7. "Estimating galaxy photometry with deep learning". Cabayol, Laura (IFAE), 2021-04-28
  8. "New IFAE corporate website". Grinschpun, Sebastián (IFAE), 2021-04-21
  9. "One qubit as a Universal Approximant". López-Núñez, David (IFAE / BSC), 2021-04-14
  10. "Voxel imaging Brain PET". Saini, Divya (PhD), 2021-04-07
  11. "Statistical Inference of the Hubble constant from Gravitational Waves Data.". Karathanasis, Christos (IFAE), 2021-03-24
  12. "Oscillons in multi-component theories". van Dissel, Fabio (IFAE), 2021-02-17
  13. "Search for leptoquarks through tτtτ final state with the ATLAS detector". Kazakos, Stergios (IFAE), 2021-01-27
  14. "Measuring charged current 𝝂_𝝁 interactions with an outgoing 𝝅^+ using the ND280 detector of T2K". Vargas, Danaisis (IFAE), 2021-01-20
  15. "“Eureka!” – Sudden discoveries, and how they happen.". Cavalli-Sforza, Matteo (IFAE), 2021-01-13