in 2021

Doctoral Thesis

  1. Çolak, Merve
    Search for very-high-energy emission from pulsars and tests of Lorentz invariance using the MAGIC telescopes
    2021-12-21, Thesis Advisor: Manel Martinez, Abelardo Moralejo
  2. Lobregat, Xabier
    Renormalons, power corrections, Borel summation and hyperasymptotics
    2021-11-12, Thesis Advisor: Antonio Pineda
  3. Muñoz, Jose Luis
    Search for new phenomena in events with jets and large missing transverse momentum at the high-energy LHC Run II using the ATLAS detector
    2021-10-25, Thesis Advisor: Mario Martínez
  4. van Daalen, Tal
    Searches for heavy top partners with the ATLAS detector and irradiation studies of the Tile hadronic calorimeter
    2021-03-23, Thesis Advisor: Aurelio Juste
  5. Oksana Iarygina
    Enlightening the primordial dark ages
    2021-11-03, Thesis Advisor: A. Achucarro and E.I. Sfakianakis, (Leiden University)

Master Thesis

  1. María Laínez Lezáun
    Analysis of gamma-ray observations performed with the first Large-Sized Telescope of CTA
    2021-09-08, Thesis Advisor: Abelardo Moralejo
  2. Juan Urrutia Perez
    Search for primordial black holes via gravitational wave lensing with ground based detectors
    2021-06-02, Thesis Advisor: V. Vaskonen
  3. Aday Cardena Gonzalez
    On cosmological phase transitions: gravitational waves and gauge dependence
    2021-09-07, Thesis Advisor: V. Vaskonen
  4. Cristina Manzano Balsells
    Aproximació Quàntica a la Teoria Feminista
    2021-07-10, Thesis Advisor: Masjuan, P., (at UB)
  5. Adriana Ghiozzi
    A two-particle solution to lepton magnetic moment anomalies and its implications for rare B decay observables
    2021-09-09, Thesis Advisor: Masjuan, P.
  6. Arul Prakash,
    B decays form factor parameterization using Neural Networks
    2021-09-09, Thesis Advisor: Masjuan, P.
  7. Fernando García Avello
    Search for the pair production of vector-like quarks in final states with multiple b-jets
    2021-09-01, Thesis Advisor: T. Farooque and A. Juste.
  8. Helena Recasens García
    Application of machine-learning techniques for background suppression in searches for higgsino pair production with the ATLAS detector”
    2021-09-01, Thesis Advisor: A. Juste and C. Moreno.
  9. Oriol Izquierdo
    Optimization of the search analysis of a new light scalar boson using data by the ATLAS experiment
    2021-09-01, Thesis Advisor: I. Riu.