Colloquia & Seminars

in 2022

IFAE Colloquia

  1. "CP violation in heavy hadron decays". Magalhaes, Patricia (UCM), 2022-12-20
  2. "The Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory: the future of the VHE gamma-ray astronomy and a key player on the recently born multi-messenger astronomy". Zanin , Roberta (CTAO), 2022-11-29

IFAE Seminars

  1. "New renormalons from analytic trans-series: Lessons from the Bethe ansatz". Dr Ramon , Miravitllas (Mas), 2022-12-22
  2. "Schwinger pair production and non-Abelian electric fields". Prof. Vachaspati, Tanmay (Arizona State U.), 2022-12-13
  3. "Population synthesis of Galactic neutron stars with machine learning". Graber, Vanessa (ICE), 2022-12-02
  4. "The dynamics of domain wall strings". Jiménez Aguilar, Daniel (University of Basque Country), 2022-12-01
  5. "Higgsless simulations of cosmological phase transitions and gravitational waves". Dr Rubira, Henrique (Tech. U., Munich), 2022-11-03
  6. "Open EFTs and Decoherence of Primordial Fluctuations". Burgess , Cliff (McMaster University & Perimeter Institute), 2022-10-13
  7. "Simulations of optical systems of gravitational wave interferometer". Yamamoto, Hiroaki (Caltech), 2022-09-22
  8. "R-parity violating supersymmetry as a solution to the hierarchy problem and flavour anomalies". Montejo, Javier (KEK), 2022-09-15
  9. "Unravelling the early Universe with cosmology and gravitational waves". Rompineve, Fabrizio (CERN), 2022-09-13
  10. "Neutron Stars as Axion Laboratories". Witte, Sam (U. Amsterdam, GRAPPA ), 2022-09-13
  11. "New search methods for axions by using the photon's birefringence effect". Dr Ippei Obata , 2022-07-05
  12. "Hunting for dark matter in the early Universe". Ali-Haimoud, Yacine (NYU), 2022-06-23
  13. "Tuning in to Radio Gravity". Ellis, Sebastian , 2022-06-21
  14. "Prophecy Fulfilled? Looking Back and Ahead to Half a Decade of Gravitational-wave Observations". Li, Tjonnie (KU Leuven), 2022-06-13
  15. "Dark Matter via Inverse Phase Transition: going beyond freeze-in with observable Gravitational Waves". Prof. Vikman , Alex , 2022-06-09
  16. "Bridging the μHz gap in the gravitational-wave landscape with binary resonance". Jenkins, Alexander , 2022-05-19
  17. "What will it take to directly detect the cosmic neutrino background". Nashwan, Sabti (King's College), 2022-05-17
  18. "Cosmology of an axion-like majoron". Prof. Masip, Manel (UGR), 2022-05-13
  19. "Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) as scientific supercomputers". Vidal, Guifre (Google), 2022-05-05
  20. "Novel pixel detectors for the High Luminosity Era (and beyond)". Terzo, Stefano (IFAE), 2022-05-02
  21. "ASTRA - a novel Range Telescope for proton CT". Granado-González, , Marc (University of Birmingham), 2022-04-22
  22. "Pancosmic Relativity and the Cosmological Constant Problem". Prof. Kaloper, Nemanja , 2022-04-21
  23. "Searching for Early Dark Energy beyond Planck and SH0ES". Dr Poulin, Vivian (Montpellier U.), 2022-04-07
  24. "Searching for signatures of boson-star mergers in gravitational-wave data". Dr Calderon Bustillo, Juan (IGFAE), 2022-03-29
  25. "What we’ll (hopefully) learn from Neutrino Experiments in the Next Decade". Dr Kelly, Kevin J. (CERN), 2022-03-24
  26. "Dilaton chiral perturbation theory and applications". Dr Shamir, Yigal (Tel Aviv U.), 2022-03-17
  27. "Neutrino Oscillations: a new Avenue to probe the Universe". Mr Rida Khalife, Ali (ICCUB), 2022-03-10
  28. "A global combination of particle physics data in the SMEFT". Dr Rojo, Juan (Nikhef Th. Group), 2022-03-04
  29. "The Hubble Tension: A Particle Physics Perspective". Dr Escudero, Miguel (TUM), 2022-02-25
  30. "Scalar resonances in the hadronic light-by-light contribution to the muon (g-2): an holographic approach". Mr Cappiello, Luigi (Naples U.), 2022-02-24

Pizza Seminars

  1. "Cosmology meets astrophysics: on the lensing is low problem". Chaves-Montero, Jonás (IFAE), 2022-11-30
  2. "Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations at the advent of stage IV experiments". Avila, Santiago (IFAE), 2022-11-23
  3. "CAN OPEN-SOURCE SOFTWARE ADDRESS CRUCIAL ASTROPHYSICAL QUESTIONS? The case of high-energy emission from jetted active galaxies.". Nigro, Cosimo (Institut de Física d'Altes Energies (IFAE)), 2022-11-09
  4. "Work environment at IFAE". Blanch Bigas, Oscar (IFAE), 2022-10-26
  5. "Welcome Day". , 2022-10-05
  6. "Summer students' reports 2". Lozano, Daniel (UAB Student), 2022-09-28
  7. "Summer students' reports 1". Marcet, Gerard (UAB Student), 2022-09-21
  8. "The Gravitational Wave Memory and its Implications". Gasparotto, Silvia (IFAE), 2022-07-20
  9. "Introducing the MeVCube concept: a CubeSat for MeV observations". Lucchetta , Giulio (IFAE), 2022-07-13
  10. "Status and perspectives of continuous gravitational-wave searches with LIGO and Virgo". Piccinni, Ornella Juliana , 2022-03-16
  11. "Searches for long-duration gravitational-wave transients with Advanced Virgo and Advanced LIGO". Macquet, Adrian (IFAE), 2022-03-09
  12. "Multimessenger Alert Broker". Artero, Manuel (IFAE), 2022-02-23