in 2022

Doctoral Thesis

  1. Danaisis Vargas Oliva
    Cross section measurement of the muon neutrino charged current single positive pion interaction on hydrocarbon using the T2K near detector with 4π solid angle acceptance.
    Thursday 3 Mar 2022, Thesis Advisor: Thorsten Lux and Federico Sánchez
  2. Tianya Wu
    Design and Characterization of a MAPS for the CEPC Vertex Detector
    Thursday 24 Mar 2022, Thesis Advisor: Sebastian Grinstein, Raimon Casanova, Guangming Huang (CCNU)
  3. Carlos Moreno
    Search for supersymmetric particles in final states with multiple heavy-flavour jets with the ATLAS detector
    Wednesday 27 Apr 2022, Thesis Advisor: Aurelio Juste Rozas, Imma Riu
  4. Jan Ollé
    On the Longevity, Quantum Decay and the role of Oscillons in Dark Matter
    Friday 20 May 2022, Thesis Advisor: Oriol Pujolàs Boix
  5. Marcel Algueró
    Exploring the Flavour Anomalies in B decays: A path towards New Physics
    Thursday 30 Jun 2022, Thesis Advisor: Joaquim Matias and Pere Masjuan
  6. Sergio González Fernández
    Search for new phenomena in events with jets/photons/V-bosons and large missing transverse momentum at the high-energy LHC Run II using the ATLAS detector
    Friday 1 Jul 2022, Thesis Advisor: Mario Martínez
  7. Chiara Grieco
    Low Gain Avalanche Detectors for the ATLAS High Granularity Timing Detector
    Monday 11 Jul 2022, Thesis Advisor: Lucia Castillo García, Sebastián Grinstein, Pilar Casado
  8. César Jesús-Valls
    Analysis of the single π+ production in neutrino neutral current interactions and instrumentation developments for the future understanding of neutrino physics using the ND280 detector of the T2K experiment
    Friday 22 Jul 2022, Thesis Advisor: Thorsten Lux, Federico Sánchez
  9. Laura Cabayol
    Precise photometry and photo-z s with multi narrow-band data and deep learning
    Friday 9 Sep 2022, Thesis Advisor: Martin Børstad Eriksen
  10. Alba Romero Rodríguez
    Study of Gravitational Waves using the LIGO/Virgo data
    Tuesday 20 Sep 2022, Thesis Advisor: Mario Martínez
  11. Giulia Giannini
    Photometric Redshift Calibration in DES Y3
    Friday 23 Sep 2022, Thesis Advisor: Ramon Miquel
  12. Christos Karathanasis
    Inference of cosmological and black holes population parameters using gravitational waves data
    Friday 25 Nov 2022, Thesis Advisor: Lluïsa-Maria Mir
  13. Alexis Menéndez Vázquez
    Search for subsolar mass black holes in LIGO/Virgo using O3 data and the implementation of Machine Learning algorithms in the identification of Compact Binary Coalescence events
    Monday 19 Dec 2022, Thesis Advisor: Mario Martinez

Master Thesis

  1. Marian del Barrio-Torregrosa
    “Study of VBF Higgs production mode with the HGTD detector”, Master Thesis, UAB
    September 2022, Thesis Advisor: Pilar Casado
  2. Chinmay Seth
    “Search for the pair production of top vector-like quarks in final states with multiple b-jets and large missing transverse energy”, Master Thesis, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, India
    June 2022, Thesis Advisor: Aurelio Juste Rozas, Imma Riu
  3. Álvaro González
    “Study of an FCNC decay mediated by an Axion-Like-Particle, t->cX with X->bb, compared with a light scalar mediated FCNC decay", Master Thesis, UAB,
    September 2022, Thesis Advisor: Imma Riu
  4. Héctor Fernández
    “Search for a charged Higgs boson decaying into a W boson and the standard model Higgs applying machine-learning techniques in the ATLAS experiment", Master Thesis, UAB,
    September 2022., Thesis Advisor:
  5. Rodrigo Helaconde
    “Studies to improve the performance of a classification NN to distinguish a new particle physics signal from different background samples", Master Practicum, UAB,
    September 2022., Thesis Advisor:
  6. Paula Molina Sanjurjo
    Early observations of the Crab pulsar with the prototype of the Large-sized telescope of CTA
    , Thesis Advisor: Abelardo Moralejo